Our farm at Anterselva

Holidays at the Huberhof

Records of our farm go back to 1565. A building with guest rooms was constructed in 1980, and a new feeding trough was added in 1996. The house has recently been totally renovated. Why not come and see it for yourself?


Idyllic location

Huberhof - Idyllic location
  • Quiet, sunny position with amazing views
  • In a lovely natural setting
  • Sunbathing lawn with playground and barbecue
  • Fruit and vegetables from our garden
  • Bus stop at 200 m
  • Easily accessible by bus or car  
Huberhof Antholz

Lots of friendly animals

  • 3 cats
  • 14 hens and 1 rooster
  • 2 rabbits
  • 5 calves
  • Cows
  • Pigs

Enjoy life on the farm

farm work
experience farmlife
  • Help in the barn (feeding and milking the animals)
  • Guided tours of the farm
  • Visit to the speck smokehouse
  • Meals made with farm produce (breakfast, dinner)
  • Vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowers (also available to guests)

The Huberhof through the seasons

Traditions are very important to us in South Tyrol, because they provide an insight into the daily life of farmers in the past. At the Huberhof, we hand down these traditions over the generations and keep them very much alive. Indeed, we always invite our guests to take part in the traditional customs of the farm.

Winter magic

At Christmas-time, the air is filled with the sweet scent of biscuits and “Zelten” (Tyrolean cake made during Advent). On New Year’s Eve, the local children send out letters with their special wishes, the visit of the Three Kings is at hand and the house is blessed with holy incense.

Winter magic
Sweet springtime

Sweet springtime

Easter arrives in spring... New herbs and vegetables are planted out a little at a time, bunches of olive and willow are tied together with brightly coloured ribbons, eggs are painted, the basket is prepared for the Easter blessing, and the Easter bunny comes hopping along to visit the children. 

Summer dreams

This is harvest time: the hay is cut and raked, the animals are taken outdoors to graze or led up to the mountain pastures, the berries are picked and then made into sweet jams and juices. In mid-August, the bunches of herbs are blessed, before adding all their flavour to delicious local products. On mild summer evenings, we often organise delightful barbecues and outings on the lake together with our guests. 

Summer dreams
Autumn beauty

Autumn beauty

Autumn is when the cattle come down from the pastures, the time of the Harvest Festival and the “Kermesse” or village fair. A feeling of calm settles over the countryside, and the woodlands are tinged with the warm but wistful shades of autumn.

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